Messages of Hope

I write this to someone struggling at this time with their mental health. I was there with my mental health problems after my breakdown, not wanting to leave the house, I could hardly leave the sofa. I had to look at change and getting the support I needed. My support connected me with help and connections such as groups and helplines if I needed them, this improved my mental health and confidence. My recovery wasn’t easy and neither was working on myself, If I can do this, so can you.
I write this to someone that has been bereaved by suicide, I have seen this first-hand what this can do to a family. All I can say is reach out, if this is a supportive friend or contact Somerset Suicide Bereavement Support Service , who can support yourself or your family at this time. You and your family are not alone, support is there for you.
– Alex, 35
I write this to someone struggling with their mental health who may not know where to go. I want you to know there is always hope, it may be small to start but brighter days always come. Find someone, anyone who you can talk too, a friend, family member, GP, work colleague or a Mental health helpline. I know how those dark days are where it feels hard to just breathe but I am proof that taking small steps and reaching out to someone will help you through. ‘Hope is everything.’
I write this to someone that has been bereaved by suicide. I hope that you offered a space to talk openly and freely about your loved on. Organisations like Somerset Suicide Bereavement Support Service have been monumental in allowing me a space to just talk and share memories of my husband and my grandmother and to do this in a safe, supporting and comforting space. Allow yourself time to grieve in the way you need to and at your own time. Life won’t be the same but the love for that person will always remain.
– Sammiie, 29